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Why you should forget residential investing

Is buying an overpriced residential real estate with reduced occupancy rate a good investment decision? Is it worth taking the hassles of property management or constantly resolving conflicts with tenants? Commercial Real Estate investment sounds difficult and unobtainable but comes with its own benefits.

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Why are Canadian Real Estate companies raising capital via equity rather than debt?

With Debt coming so cheap why would real estate companies be raising money via Equity than Debt? Debt sounds comforting and widely adopted but now companies are identifying the benefits of Equity and adopting it.

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Why is it important for women to invest and not just save?

The short answer would be “to have more money and all the benefits that financial independence can bring to them,” but this discussion deserves more attention as it has historical roots. Getting comfortable with financial language and discussing investment portfolios with friends and colleagues can help women step into new financial roles.

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